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Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, P.G. & Pensions
(Department of Personnel & Training)


New Delhi, the September, 2002.


Subject : Nomination of officers already working under the Central Staffing Scheme – reg.


    As per the extant instructions contained in Para 2(vi) of the guidelines for appointment of CVOs, conveyed vide this Department O.M. No.372/8/99-AVD.III, dated 18.1.2001, all such officers who are occupying a post under the Central Staffing Scheme on deputation may be considered for appointment as CVO and allowed a tenure of 3 years as CVO, subject to a maximum of 7 years combined tenure on the Central Staffing Scheme post and the post of CVO provided the name is forwarded by the Ministry/Department where they are working at least 1 year before the expiry of their tenure under Central Staffing Scheme. This facility was extended for attracting officers to the post of CVOs in PSUs.

2. It has been observed that names are accordingly being sponsored by the Ministries/Departments, where the concerned officers are working, after obtaining the approval of Minister-in-charge. In all such cases, cadre clearance from the parent cadre of the officer is not being taken in the normal course.

3. A few of the Cadre Authorities/State Governments have now pointed out that since appointment as CVO results in extension of central deputation tenure, a no objection/cadre clearance from the respective Cadre Controlling Authority/State Government should be taken before such officers are considered for appointment as CVO in a PSU.

4. The matter has been carefully considered and it has been decided that henceforth, applications of only such officers, who are eligible under the guidelines contained in this Department’s Circular of 18th January, 2001, and are accompanied by cadre clearance/’no objection’ from their respective Cadre Controlling Authorities/State Governments and approval of Minister-in-charge, will be entertained.

5. The Ministries/Departments, from where the officer working under Central Staffing Scheme is intending to apply for the post of CVO, are requested to please obtain the required cadre clearance before forwarding their application to Department of Personnel & Training.


(Bhaskar Khulbe)


All Secretaries to the Govt. of India.
All Cadre Controlling Authorities of Group -A Services.
Chief Secretaries of all State Governments.
PS to MOS(PP).
PPS to Secy.(P).
PPS to AS(S&V).