Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training
Administrative Vigilance Division
Chief Vigilance Officers(Central P.S.Us)


(i) The officers should be holding JS/ IG/ DIRECTOR/ DIG / DS level posts.

(ii) The officers should have completed the requisite ‘cooling off’ period in their parent cadre before they are recommended for a second central deputation.

(iii) Such of the officers, who were sponsored earlier for the post of CVOs/Executive Director (Vig) but not found suitable should not be sponsored again.

(iv) The officers sponsored for the post of CVO in the PSUs would not be allowed to withdraw their candidature subsequently and it will be the responsibility of the respective cadre controlling authorities to ensure the release of the officers in the event of their selection.

(v) If an officer does not join within the prescribed time, his appointment would be treated as cancelled and the officer concerned would stand debarred from Central deputation for a period of five years from the date of issuing orders of his/her appointment. Further, the officer would also be debarred from being considered for any foreign training as also from being given cadre clearance for being deputed on foreign assignments/ consultancies abroad during the period of debarment.

(vi) The officers debarred for central deputation should not be sponsored for consideration for the post of CVOs till they complete their debarment period/become eligible for consideration.