Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training
Administrative Vigilance Division
Chief Vigilance Officers(Central P.S.Us)


(i) The vacant posts of CVOs are generally circulated by the Department of Personnel and Training to various cadre controlling authorities of Group `A' services and the State Governments towards the end of every calendar year inviting names for consideration of officers in the offer list for the next calendar year.

(ii) The eligible officers should apply along with their bio-data (in duplicate) to their respective cadre controlling authorities that would make their recommendations to the Department of Personnel and Training and furnish up-to-date CR dossiers along with vigilance clearance in respect of the officers concerned.

(iii) The cadre authorities as well as the officers on the offer list would also be required to indicate choice of location since a large number of these posts are located outside Delhi.

(iv) The offer list would be obtained so as to be operative for one calendar year.

Letter for Controlling Authority :  Secretaries (Central Govt.)
                                                   Cadre Controlling Authority
                                                   Chief Secretaries (State Govt.)