Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training
Administrative Vigilance Division
Chief Vigilance Officers(Central P.S.Us)


(i) As far as practicable, a Chief Vigilance Officer should not belong to the organisation to which he is appointed and should be from outside.

(ii) Once an officer has worked as a Chief Vigilance Officer in a particular organisation, he should not go back as CVO to the same Organisation again.

(iii) The cadre controlling authorities of the various organised services as well as Public Sector Undertakings, who would like to offer the services of the officers, would be asked from time to time to offer the names of suitable candidates with proven integrity for the posts of CVOs likely to fall vacant.

(iv) The officers deputed as CVOs to Public Sector Undertakings may draw pay as per the scale prescribed for the posts or their grade pay as is permissible under the rules.

(v) The CVOs would be eligible for an initial deputation tenure of three years in PSUs which is extendable upto a further period of two years in the same PSU (total 5 years) with the prior clearance of the CVC or upto a further period of three years on transfer to another PSU on completion of initial tenure of three years in the previous PSU.

(vi) The posts of Chief Vigilance Officers (CVOs) in the Central Public Sector Undertakings are treated as Central Staffing Scheme posts as those filled as per the procedure followed under the Central Staffing Scheme for posts in the Central Government. However, in order to attract officers for manning the posts of CVOs in various Public Sector Undertakings certain special dispensations which are applicable to non-Central Staffing Scheme posts have been made. For instance, if a request is received from an officer occupying a post under the Central Staffing Scheme on deputation, duly recommended by the Ministry/Department in which he is posted, with the approval of the Minister-in-Charge, for being considered for appointment as CVO, at least one year before the expiry of his tenure on the Central Staffing Scheme Post, such an officer, if selected for appointment as CVO may be allowed a tenure of 3 years as CVO subject to a maximum of 7 years' combined tenure on the Central Staffing Scheme post and the post of CVO.

(vii) Prior approval of the Central Vigilance Commission would be obtained before the names are offered to the respective Ministries/ Departments for the posts of CVOs in Public Sector Undertakings under their charge.

(viii) A panel of officers cleared by the Central Vigilance Commission will be suggested to the administrative Ministry/Department concerned with the approval of the Minister of State in the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions, Department of Personnel & Training. The administrative Ministry is required to select an officer out of the panel with the approval of its Minister-in-charge and communicate the same to the Department of Personnel and Training for obtaining the approval of the Competent Authority.