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1. Area Welfare Officers are nominated for residential colonies to look after the welfare
and related problems of Central Government employees and their families. Area Welfare
Officer is not an appointment under the Government of India but a functional arrangement
to provide a link between the Central Government employees residing in various colonies
and the concerned civic and other agencies providing services to them. The functions of
Area Welfare Officers are largely official in nature and are performed by them on honorary
and voluntary basis (Annexure-I).

2. The Area Welfare Officers are Field officers and function as coordinating officers
between the local Government Departments/Civic Authorities like CPWD, CGHS,
Horticulture, police and others in their respective areas. As per ‘Model Rules and
Regulations’ of the Central Government Employees Residents Welfare Associations, the
Area Welfare Officer is the ex-officio patron of the Association. He is expected to provide
the lead and guidance to the Welfare Associations in achieving their objectives of promotion
of socio-cultural, recreational and other welfare activities for the benefit of the Central
Government employees and their families. To enable the Area Welfare Officers to
discharge their responsibility efficiently the Government has issued instructions to all the
Ministries/Departments for allowing certain, facilities to their officers. They are allowed to
use office stationery, service postage stamps etc. for entering into correspondence with the
concerned authorities and Government servants. They are also allowed to leave office with
permission for meeting various Civic/Police Authorities for solving problems of the

(Office Memorandum No B-12013/2/83-GKK dated 2.1.1983 and B-12013/2/86- GKK dated
21.4.1986 of the Department of Personnel & Training, Government of India) (Annexure-II).

3. Their tenure has been fixed for two years from the date of nomination. Officers
desirous of being nominated as Area Welfare Officer have to apply through their respective
Ministries/Departments to the Chief Welfare Officer, Department of Personnel and Training,
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions, New Delhi. The applicant should
not be an office bearer of Central Government employees or any other Residents Welfare
Association. Guidelines/criteria for selection of Area Welfare Officer is at (Annexure-III) .


With a view to develop a closer liaison with local Municipal/Civil Authorities and to
provide immediate solution to the problems of the residents, Area Welfare Officers are
required to form Area Welfare Committees in their respective areas. The different Municipal
and other Local Authorities in the area may be represented on the Committee e.g. Medical
Officers-In charge of the CGHS Dispensary, Assistant Engineer in-charge of the local
CPWD Unit, Deputy Director of Horticulture and representatives from other Municipal
Bodies. The President/ Vice President/General Secretary of the Residents Welfare

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