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) Secretarial Assistance and Other Clerical Work

The grants-in-aid to the Committees to meet the cost of Secretarial Assistance and

other clerical work, stationery, postage and transport charges etc. will likewise be

sanctioned on the following scale:

Amount (in Rs.)

Places where staff strength of all the Admissible grants-in-aid

Central Government Offices is

Less than 25,000 3,000

Less than 50,000 4,200

Less than 75,000 5,400

Less than 1,00,000 6,600

Less than 1,25,000 7,800

More than 1,25,000 9,000

Note: The staff strength referred to above would include the staff of the P & T, Railways,
Autonomous Bodies and Public Undertakings.
(Circular No.29/10/2000-welfare dt.1-6-2001 (Annexure VII)

4. The Central Government Employees’ Welfare Coordination Committees are required
to invite five Representatives of staff side from the five largest offices in that regions, to
attend the meetings of the Committees held for discussing the matters pertaining to Sports,
Cultural activities and other welfare measures.
(Circular No.10/8/86-Welfare dated 14.7.1986, Department of Personnel &Training
(Annexure VIII).

The Coordination Committee may, however, meet separately to discuss matters other than
those relating to Sports, Cultural and other welfare measures. In case it is decided to hold a
single meeting for all the items, then the agenda could be drawn in such a manner so that
the items relating to sports, cultural and other welfare measures are grouped together either
in the beginning or at the end to enable the staff side representatives to attend the meeting
only for those items.

The Chairman of the Coordination Committee may exercise his discretion in conducting the
meeting in any manner keeping in view the above alternatives.
(Circular No.10/8/86-Welfare dated 18th February, 1987, Department of Personnel &
Training). (Annexure-IX)

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