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To provide sports/recreation facilities in various localities (for this purpose, play
grounds already available with various offices will be pooled, and where
necessary, taken on hire from the State Government, local bodies etc);

(b) To arrange accommodation for indoor games and other recreational activities in the
office complex where the offices concerned cannot do it by themselves;

(c) To organize inter-departmental tournaments/cultural programmes;
(d) To deal with matters of common interest to all offices e.g. educational, medical and

transport facilities, grant of special holidays, working hours, etc for which a reference
to Central or State Government may be necessary;
(e) To arrange canteen facilities for the members of the staff.

3. Central Government Employees Welfare Coordination Committees receive grant in-
aid from the Department of Personnel & Training every year for:

(i) Cultural activities and indoor games and
(ii) Secretarial assistance and other clerical work.

The quantum of grant-in-aid is sanctioned on the following pattern:

The quantum of grant-in-aid which had been revised and effective from the financial year
2001-2002 is sanctioned on the following pattern.

Cultural Activities and Indoor Games Amount (in Rs.)
Admissible grants-in-aid
Places where staff strength of all the
Central Government Offices is

Less than 5,000 4800

Less than 10,000 9,000

Less than 20,000 13,500

Less than 25,000 14,250

Less than 30,000 17,250

More than 30,000 18,750

Note: The staff strength referred to above would exclude the staff of the P & T Department,
Railways, Autonomous Bodies and Public Undertakings.

The above grant-in-aid is given to Coordination Committees subject to the condition that the
Committee raise 5% of the grant by way of subscription from the member offices, failing
which a 5% cut is imposed while sanctioning the grant-in-aid to Central Government
Employees Welfare Coordination Committees.

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