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1. A comprehensive welfare programme envisages organization of welfare activities
touching upon a Government servant’s interest outside office hours, in the residential
colonies. The organization of these welfare activities is carried out by encouraging the
Government employees to take active part in promoting their own welfare. Most of the
cultural, social, recreational etc. activities are being performed through the medium of
employees Organizations. The responsibility of the Government is restricted to the
provision of financial assistance and guidance where necessary, in organizational matters.

2. Keeping these objectives in view, the Welfare Division of the Department of
Personnel and Training has been encouraging the formation of Residents’ Welfare
Association in the Government residential colonies in Delhi/New Delhi and outside Delhi.
Such Association have been formed in the government residential colonies as well as
private colonies in which 200 or more Central Government employees are residing in one
compact area. These are named as ‘Central Government Employees Residents’ Welfare
Association”/Kendriya Sarkar KarmachariAwasiyaSudhar Sabha”.

3. All the Residents’ Welfare Associations of the Central Government employees in
order to be recognized and to be eligible for receipt of financial assistance from the
Department of Personnel & Training, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and
Pensions are required to be registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. Though
according to this Act, any seven or more persons having intention to form a society may, by
subscribing their names to a Memorandum of Association, form themselves into a Society,
however, only in the Resident’s Welfare Association having membership of not less than
200 government servants shall be recognized by the Deptt. of Personnel &Training. Every
Resident’s Welfare Association to be eligible for registration under the Societies
Registration Act shall have the “Memorandum of Association”, and the ‘Rules and
Regulations of the Society/Association’.

4. The Welfare Division of the Department of Personnel & Training, with a view to bring
about uniformity and to provide guidance to these Associations in their organizational
matters, have formulated a “Model Constitution and Rules and Regulations” for the
Resident’s Welfare Association (Annexure-X)

5. Every Resident’s Welfare Association seeking recognition and financial grant-in-aid
from the Government is required to adopt this “Model Constitution’ word by word in its
entirety with the approval of the General Body of the Association. Thereafter, a certificate to
this effect is to be submitted to the Department of Personnel and Training, New Delhi. It
may be noted that failure on the part of the Association in adopting this Constitution and
submission of the required certificate to that effect shall make the Association ineligible for
recognition and receipt of financial assistance from the Government of India.

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